What is it a hoax? News hoax? Information hoax?

What is it a hoax?

Hoax in English means a hoax, cheat, lie, lie, wind news, rumors.

Can be interpreted that news is news hoax created only to deceive someone.

The word wiki champion "A false reporting is an attempt to deceive or circumvent the reader / listener to believe something, when the creator of the fake news to know that the news is false.."

If you read the news hoax meant you read is a hoax.

Example: Ahok so the future president.

The price of expensive wood to 10 billion.

It was sort of a hoax news

What stands hoax? What stands hoax?

Abbreviations no hoax, hoax it is not an abbreviation.

Why hoax created? Why there hoax? What is the purpose of news hoax?

Here I explain what what are the reasons why news is made hoax.

1. Because the money

The world could be a hoax news makers profession very lucrative salary even a hoax maker is bigger than a football player. It also depends on how big hoax spread and created. There is someone willing to pay the creator of the hoax to drop or causing a person to a certain degree.

Such scandals artist or the artist can be a high lord so that he could rise easily.

Therefore the hoax is a profession that is very promising, but it is criminal.

2. Want to drop somebody or something

There are those who do not want someone to be at the level of fame or rising. Then the party that makes or pay someone to make hoax to drop the news that for certain reasons. Due to the hoax news spreads easily and rapidly becoming a trend very easy to drop someone because of this.

Hoax news very often during or political campaigns. As well as the presidential election and the election of regional leaders.

This news spread very fast in cyberspace.

3. Want someone in peak

News hoax could be someone could be better respected if the creator of the hoax make positive news or excess of the person.

4. Make a particular website becoming crowded

Sometimes there is a website wants to crowded this way.

This is very effective but criminals so is not recommended.

The characteristic features news hoax

1. Messages chain

Some news quickly spread news are evil person.

2. The origin of the news

There is a very strange website of the title anehduniabanget.com beritapiral.com examples and so on. That's the weird news sources hoax.

3. The author news

The author's name is not listed or disguised or false name also sometimes use the name of the artist.

4. With the title superstar

That title made for a very viral excessive or also very strange.

5. Wearing signs of strange

Like a big circle arrows, usually wear red.

6. News mostly associated with religion.

7. Headlines like pierce match.

8. News different from each other news

News hoaxes usually there is only one. Very rare thing as a hoax news compact.

How to avoid or not exposed to the same hokey hoax news. Or also in order not inedible news hoax.

1. Understand the source. The original news sometimes exist on the site's official website. But also be careful on unscrupulous rogue writer.

2. Hoax always preached the evil person. So be careful

3. Do not spread the news before know what a hoax or not.

4. Do not swallow or immediately understand the news spread.

5. Report it to the authorities if it is a hoax news.

6. Remember all the news or information on the internet is all not true. There are unscrupulous rogue always make money by cheating.

thanks, above is a translation of the word hoax that is booming right now.

So spread this info if it helpful. If there is a lack please comment below. thanks.