Have You heard the man named HR / HR or personnel development. For those of you Who's school may NEVER heard the words of singer or just a glimpse Yang NOT remembered.


From the personnel is lying Name HR, HR department, agency, staffing, employee search Agencies hearts.

HRD is POSITION Someone hearts and The Company A has the telecom as a seeker or employee Building Potential Requirements The Company has maupin Agencies.

HRD can be called the most important POSITION OF AN hearts Piling Company That strengthens And MAKE big company. An HRD responsible for differences in recruiting employees Yang has his or invited OR SIGN hearts Company.

Duties Of A HRD

MAKE policy

An HRD policies can MAKE The same can be selfish One lie mainly unidirectional WITH purposes of the Company. Singer policy will prosper Life employees. Starting from salary, bonuses, working hours, costs boarding, training, ability, pension for a review of the employee. Fast Company is big and can BECAUSE boarding costs servants / employees of The Good.

Recruitment And Selection

An HRD and personnel responsible for differences recruitment / staff / employees. Employees Must have a standard Yang in charge by the Company or Prospective employees Yang has HR Quality.

The selection includes

Administration = Data Collection Job Applicants

= Psychological tests basic math test basis, test shots, test tree, tests equation or Opposites, test papers, psychological tests

Interview = The job interview

Medical tests = Height, Weight, or medical check up

Then sign employment contracts

Change management hearts

In Company A will be NO change in management. The ADA because the parties feel Less Exciting So this is where telecoms OR Role of HRD to review menejement change. BECAUSE here HRD as a Bridge BETWEEN THE company employees.

Employee data

HR / Personnel record OR store employee data. * All data are employees including administration hearts Saved Itself Its neat. Salary And Files Files Stored Safely secret.

WITH employee relations

HRD POSITION OR employee have Role as Mediator employees and the Company. THERE ANY ISSUES Should Work hearts and problems handled by HRD.

boarding costs ASSESSMENT

Also provides Against HRD ASSESSMENT employees. RATING OR Singer affect rank An employee salaries The next year will be in the review. Also HRD has the right to raise the rank Someone review. Or salaries of employees

Training and development

HRD Also provides basic training, gradually certified to review human resources employees to Add Value, and providing skills WORK Needed for review at the Company.

Compensation / bonus

Also HRD has to review the role of determining compensation, OR bonuses for employees review the old and new employees. Compensation And the bonus is influenced by the boarding costs and employee POSITION.


HRD has the right to review and comply with sanctions against employees Yang violated company regulations. In addition to ITU to review Also Become Discipline Officer reserves the right to review employee issuing accordance Abuse Yang has done the offender.


OR Section Section HRD

Above is a task HRD Now we discuss the division or section Section OR POSITION hearts HRD, ANY DIFFERENT Company Structure Company HRD because menengement ANY DIFFERENT.

The following divisions HR in Company A Certain OR Also called Organizational Structure HRD and HRD authority

Human Resources Development Manager

- Supervise and evaluate the Budget has issued by the company to develop human resources employee Frame hearts.

- Conduct Monitoring and Evaluation of Human Resources The Company is located hearts.

- Implement Selection HR

- The program runs for a review QUALITY improve HR

- Responsible for employee absenteeism differences

Human Resources Development Recruitment

- Conducting recruitment

- Establish a recruitment procedure

- MAKE advertising and implement recruitment WITH Selection The Company has in charge.

- MAKE A labor contract

- Record the new employees

- MAKE ABOUT report hiring new employees.

General Affair Supervisor

- Set OR responsible differences office facilities

- Set a Budget and employee uniforms

- Set a Budget Meetings, Reporting, And LOADS cover office costs.

Warehouse Material non Staff

- Responsible differences SIGN Goods Out Of Company

- Conduct Supervision to review USE office equipment

Compensation and Benefits Supervisor

- Caring has been used to support employees

- Providing Salary / bonus ON employee

Payroll Staff

- Taking care of employee leave

- Take care of shifts or hours of work

- Assist in the administration and archives HRD

Welfare Staff

- Set the pension contribution

- Set the permissions employee sick leave or else.

Training and Development Supervisor

- Provide training to new employees

- Provide annual training and certification of employees

- Create a budget report the training held

That task HRD existing divisions. Sometimes not all companies set the division. But every company there is always a significant HRD.

The function of HRD

Internal = to improve human resources and employee well-being and progress of the company.

External HR = Employees who have counseling outside the category of companies can be seen from the high level of ability and willingness of the abilities will follow.

criteria HRD

- Love the work chosen

- not easily give up

- Always thankful what already exists

- Always do what he had said

- Communicate well

- Had big dreams

- on time

- open minded

- Respect the opinion of somebody and see something quickly

- To do something with the maximum

That criteria HRD good and who wants to be recruited to any company.

HRD salary?

Every company has certain rules and policies to determine the salary of an HRD. for fresh graduate or recent graduates is 2 times the minimum wage HRD placement city. HRD salary also depends on the position it over now.

what the HRD and personnel?

HR and Personnel has the duty and the same objective to find and develop qualified human resources.

What are the requirements to become HRD?

A company must be certain criteria for selecting employees HRD

In general, HR is the minimum education D3 / S1, it is possible if the graduate SMA / SMK / MA became HRD after a long work in the company.

What is the HR manager?

HRD HRD manager is a position that has the following tasks

- Monitor and evaluate the budget that has been issued by the company in order to improve HR employee.

- Monitoring and evaluation of the human resources that are within the company.

- Conducting a selection of HR

- Running a program to improve the quality of human resources

- Is responsible for employee absenteeism

qualifications HRD

Minimum education S1 / D3 from any department

(Preferred Psychology)

Fresh graduate / Have at least one year in

similar fields, especially those who

relating to the recruitment and

employee training.

Having good communication skills

Computer literate


Can speak English (more value)