What the gelatine?

What the gelatin?

Gelatin is a chemical substance solid, opaque, have no color, brittle (when dry), and tasteless, which is derived from collagen derived from various animal byproducts. Gelatin is commonly used as an astringent gel maker in the food, pharmaceutical, photographic, and cosmetics factory.

Gelatin is a mixture of peptides with protein derived from the hydrolysis of collagen that naturally occurs in the bone or skin of an animal.

Commercial gelatin is usually derived from fish, beef, and pork. In the food industry, gelatin widely used as a raw material of soft candy, jelly and ice cream.


what the gelatin to cake?

Gelatin is usually specific to the cake.

Apakah.xyz often hear gelatine / gelatin as a cheese cake, mousse, pudding, cream Danice?

what is gelatine? Apakah.xyz will answer it.

Gelatine, foodstuffs are frequently used and made to pengenyal food. Often found in products such as jelly or candy. Gelatine is used to strengthen a dough like the cheese cake, mousse, pudding, ice cream, or a batter who must use fresh cream.

The use of gelatin in mousse cake when necessary to help a little cream to harden and stabiil, but you must know how to use gelatin. If you are using sheet gelatin or a gelatin sheet, soak the gelatin sheets in ice water until the gelatin and heat soft surface has a soft gelatin in pan over low heat until melted and gelatin was ready to wear and use.

whether it is kosher gelatine?

Gelatin is made from animal skin and bones.

Unlawful if gelatin made from pigs.

If it halal gelatin is made from cow or buffalo.

What gelatine replacement?

jelly or konnyaku, although the result will not be exactly the same but these two materials can be a substitute

gelatin made of?

Gelatin is made from animal skin or bones (beef)