8 Food that makes literacy
Food that makes literacy

Many foods we eat every day but we do not know the food that makes the most effective literacy. We need food to help us in terms of work or activity in excess. For example overtime or so in the morning we were not sleepy.

There are many foods that make us drowsy or awake during the day.
How the heck can we awake the whole day?
1. Eat foods containing caffeine
2. Eat foods that contain a lot of nutrients
Two very effective way to eliminate the drowsiness that you experienced.
Here are foods that contain caffeine that makes the eyes of literacy continues.

1. Soft drinks
This drink is a drink for the evening party, but these drinks also contain caffeine. The caffeine content will vary depending on the manufacturer of soft drinks. Suitable for children who make literacy overtime every night.

2. Coffee decaf
This coffee has been eliminated caffeine but still no caffeine has not been lost. Suitable for anti caffeine.

3. Brown
In addition to the food made the mood so it was okay. These foods also contain caffeine. Besides making is maintained, the mood also keep the spirit and energy.

4. Ice cream
Find the taste of chocolate or coffee, or soda. Although ice cream mengadung little caffeine. But suitable for ice cream lovers who want overtime.

5. Kuaci
Watermelon seeds also contain caffeine. This annoying teeny tiny and perfect to accompany you until morning.

6. Tea
Tea also contain caffeine, well that's why so many people like to drink tea in the morning. In order to awaken the eyes of sleep a night. Make a sunny day.

7. Energy drinks
Every energy drink fans will definitely feel the power of this drink. Namum do you know these drinks also contain caffeine, the answer is yes. Suitable for night workers.

8. Candy breath fresheners
Make breath mints and breath smell bad breath will be fragrant and makes you breathe a fresh spirit. Which also makes the eyes of literacy.

Here are foods that contain a lot of nutrients that make the eyes of literacy continues.

1. Milk
This drink is perfect awaken your body to wake up from the fatigue of the day and sleepiness were very heavy. Besides making you stay healthy throughout the day.

2. Yogurt
Yoghurt also contain many nutrients as well. Make your food intake is not reduced.

3 pieces
Apples, watermelon, melon, fruit mengadung water content of anti-oxidants and is suitable for you who is short on sleep, in addition to the sleep also eliminates toxins in the body. So you always healthy.

4. Eggs
Eggs contain lots of protein and fat. Also add your energy to stay awake against sleepiness.

5. Young coconut / degan
If you lose the spirit. Young coconut drink to replace the lost body ion.

6. Vegetables
You are healthy you stay awake. The strength of the body of food daily. Especially beans so that the eyes of literacy.

8. Wheat
If you're hungry at late nights then eat something that makes you full. You sleepy because of hunger

That's the food that keeps you awake at all times. Bottom line if you are hungry and it will make you sleepy. If you are drowsy from hunger.
Bonus: My experience in order to awake every night is to eat no glut. If you feel sleepy drink lots of water.