9 Drinks that make literacy
Drinks that make literacy
Sleepiness is a natural thing. Drowsiness is also a sign that the body must rest and sleep. Sometimes sleep also interferes with the activity to learn and work. Sleepiness may occur at night or in the morning. Yet every time we can feel sleepy without knowing the time.
However the break we need a break as well to keep the body healthy. But when we have to work much longer we are going to feel sleepy. Well I have a couple of drinks so you do not feel sleepy again
1. Coffee
This drink is very popular for coffee lovers. Or a lot of people. Drinking coffee with high levels of caffeine which will cause you kept awake all night. If anyone has ulcer disease can also take anti-caffeine coffee.
2. Water
This drink is very mandatory to drink every person. To keep the body fit and healthy. In Indonesia at least 2 liters per day to keep hydrated or dehydrated. The white water can also increase the concentration when you are tired. So drinking water is suitable for people who stay up all night. This is my secret to stay awake all night.
3. Lemon juice
Lemon tart enough to make literacy eyes. Moreover, the benefits of lemon also keep the immune system to stay healthy. Lemon has vitamin C is high. Handy so you do not get sick.
4. Yoghurt
Healthful and tasty.
5. Oatmeal
Oatmeal is suitable for breakfast, but also suitable when you feel sleepy. Because maybe you're starving stomach. Eat to stay awake.
6. Young coconut water
This drink is suitable in drinking while hot and thirsty. Young coconut water also increases energy in the body. Essentially you get energy, natural and healthy.
7. Milk chocolate is warm
In addition to healthy and brain fatigue, take a break for a drink of milk chocolate. Gives you energy and kehagatan in the cool of the night.
8. Tea
The drinks are suitable for relaxing at home or workplace. So you will be refreshed and relaxed.
9. Ice cream
Relaxing first with sugary sweetness of this cold. Not suitable for a night but yes also refresing first name
A few drinks can make the eyes of literacy. But if you are not strong literacy do not force yourself. Because the foam makes no sickness.