Now we learn the business, starting a business was not of a big but small. Why? because what we need is experience, learning and knowledge.
a successful businessman always have started with a small business. but now we are learning to do business ok.

5 dollar for a business? Can it?
say "can"

What business can be started with 5 dollars.

1. sale
what we can, what can you do, what can you do. sell it all.
For example, you can create a logo, sell it
you can write articles web / blog, sell it
you can enter the data, sell it
you can sell other people's products, selling it
and many more as long as you are smart keatif and see opportunities

2. Make hand made
sell again, hehe

3. join freelancer sites
You can learn business here as well

essentially what you can make, sell it,
You can also sell what your friends can create,
This is a business, sell sell sell, you will get a commission or money.

It is easy, nice, great,
Okay thanks nice to meet you.
Life for money, greet success