everyone now has a smartphone. and everyone connected to the Internet. social media. suitable for selling online. if you can see the opportunity. You will be successful if you're serious. one of which is to sell something through social media. example through Facebook, bbm, Intagram, etc.
I will share something that you can sell on the internet.

1. Food
now many career women who do not have time to cook for their husbands. it is also an opportunity.
now many people prefer simple and quick for their party. it is also an opportunity
when people want to nibble you can also sell snacks.
sell food have a greater chance.

2. Clothes
Why clothing? because everyone needs it.
It seems no need to explain anymore.
Yes, people now do not want to leave the house and overheating. from the store to better take smartphone and look and buy. it is simple. You can try it.

3. Elektronik
4. E book
5. Hand made