Game wow, playing game get money. Every one like game. What is game? I think not to discribe. Hehe
How to get money from game?

1. Profesional gamer
Be a PRO GAMER. You can get money from sponsor or suporter. You sell you product. You can get money.

2. Sell game item
You search legendary item and sell it. Every one play game need legendary item for strongger his char. You can get much money. Nice.

3. Sell account game
If you not play it your game. You can sell it. Note: your char is very strongger, if you want more money

4. Play game in advertisement
Wow, you can search play game get money. You play game it until requirement success. And you get money.

Life for money. Do not play game for spend money. But you must play game for money.
If you know how to get game other way. You can commant in under, please.
Thanks :-)