We know what is google. Google has google adsense facilitis. With google adsense we can get money easy. How we can get money from google adsense?

1. Make Website or blog
You have website or blog. You must sign in google adsense. Set advertisement from google adsense and u get money. It is easy.
If you do not know how to make blog or website. You can search in google and learn it.

2. Youtuber
Wow youtuber, nice, you make account youtube. Upload. Sign in google adsense. And you get money. Not only money. You can populer. Its simple and easy

3. Make app
If you can make app or game. Make it and sign in google adsense. Upload in google play store.
People play and look advertisement and klik. Finally you get money again.

3 way in above not simple you imaginasion. You must get much people use your app / watch your video / read in your blog.

Life for money thanks
If you know other way to get money from google. Please commant in. Thanks :-)