food drink unclean

food drink unclean

many everyday foods we eat. but there are also foods that are prohibited or can not be eaten due to substance or bad benefits. we must know the food is halal and haram food according to the hadith and Quran. and so also scientifically.

The following unclean food

1. Food of blood
All meals are made from blood are forbidden. Although it has been cooked or directly remain unclean. The blood which is lawful blood liver and spleen.

2. The food was intoxicating
The food was made from haram intoxicating. Materials that are forbidden such as 4lcohol, methanol, propanol, butanol, acetone, vodka, ciu, white wine, whiskey, cannabis, methamphetamine - crystal meth, heroin, ektasi, white wine (peng ciu), arak noodles, wine barrel, sake, mirin , cider tape. All these foods are forbidden because it can be intoxicating. So if the cook wear material that is safe and healthy.

3. The food was eaten from a gold container
Meals are eaten using a spoon, plate, garbu made of gold.

4. The food is harmful to health
The food is harmful to the body. Foods that can harm, damage to our bodies. Then it is haraam food.

5. food stolen
Stolen food or take the food rights of others. Food purchased from the loot. All the food that is unclean. Similarly, the food in the can with a mischievous way anyway.

6. The food was exposed to unclean
Halal food could also haram when exposed to unclean. Such as Urine, Madzi, Wadi, Drool Dog, etc.

7. The food containing the toxin
This food can kill us so avoid as much as possible.

8. foods that contain drugs
Indeed drugs our enemy now. Because the drugs can be highly addictive and content that are bad for our bodies. And our country prohibit drug consumption.

9. Food musryik
The food that we believe can make us strong. Trusting it loosely trust exceeds god. So it includes unclean food anyway.

10. The food offerings devil
We only forbidden to worship the devil. Moreover, we eat food demons. The food offerings are also unlawful.

11. carcasses (except fish and locusts)
carcasses of dead animals is by not slaughtered, including animals demise thereto choking, beating, falling, gored and torn to pieces by wild animals, except we were able to kill it.
Carcasses containing very dangerous microbes that can damage the body.

drinks unclean

1. drink of blood
Blood also included unlawful. Drinking blood or blood mixed drinks were also unclean.

2. intoxicating drinks
alcohol, methanol, propanol, butanol, acetone, vodka, ciu, white wine, whiskey, cannabis, methamphetamine - crystal meth, heroin, ektasi, white wine (peng ciu), arak noodles, wine barrel, sake, mirin, cider tape.

3. The drinks were eaten out of the container gold
Drink from glasses made of gold is also haram.

4. The drinks are harmful to health
Drinks insalubrious also haram. If made, the drugs are allowed as long as not excessive.

5. drink stolen
The drinks were purchased and drinks loot is unlawful.

6. The drinks were exposed to unclean
Based on the book Fiqh sunnah Sabiq Sayid is then included into unclean are:

1. The carcasses
2. Blood
3. Pork
4. Vomiting (vomiting if slightly forgivable)
5. Human Urine
6. Human waste
7. Wadi
8. Madzi
9. Mani
10. Urine and droppings of animals that do not eat meat
11. Animals jalallah
12. Khamar
13. Dogs

7. drink containing poison
Poison can kill us.

8. beverages containing drugs
We already know the drugs were illegal because of its addictive and damaging the nerves of the wearer.

9. musryik beverages and beverage offerings demons
This demon was strictly forbidden drinks. Moreover, for the demon drink.

thereby not drink unclean foods are forbidden. so were eating and drinking in excess is forbidden. eat after a full and stop before satiety.