What is love ?
Love is an emotion of love
strong affection and interest
personal. In the context of the philosophy of love
is either inherited trait
all kindness, compassion
and affection. (Wikipedia)
Various types of love or his
Some generally love it
No type and size depends
how we feel and
do something.
The following types of kind of love that often
in the general population.
1. True love
What is true love? True love
is a love that never
looking at things. Love is not
will fade over time. Love
that is until the end of life. Many
people interpret the meaning of true love.
That is the meaning of short. Many stories
fairy tales that always contain or
enter your true love in
stories, like romeo juliet, cinderela,
2. Love Monkey
What is love monkeys? Puppy love
is an informal term meaning
feelings of love that occurs between
a young couple who are still
in adolescence. This term also
can be used as a word
satire, which is used to
someone less love
partner. (Wikipedia)
Puppy love is indeed in
among many adolescents, said
puppy love for someone
love that person and it was in
said newbie, love the moment. His name is also
3. First Love
What was the first love? First love
is love for the first time in
feel the love in her life.
First love is usually when they
teens appear. When feeling love
The first time that the name of love
first. Most people say
first love hard to forget.
But that's just an opinion.
4. Love unrequited
What is love unrequited?
unrequited love is
Love that is not reciprocated from the
beloved. Be careful with this
very painful. Different from
which are expected. If there are signs
sign then immediately move on.
5. Love platonic
What's platonic love? platonic love
is a platonic love is a
a term used to refer
a relationship that is very affective,
but where the elements of taste
s3xual attraction is not
there, especially if it
actually even thought to exist.
Platonic love in general is
love interest in the opposite s3x
in the sense of family or friendship.
The desire to continue to close, caring,
but there was no interest in
6. Love Blind
What is love blind? Love is blind
love does not see anything,
but this love will harm you.
For example
You love him sincerely,
but you always hurt.
You love him, but its nature
very bad and hurt you.
The point is you do not get stuck
in this romance.
7. Love first sight
What is love first sight? Love
The first view is love
you feel the first time
you see him immediately fell
love. It's strange but true. time
you see it you feel fall
love when you do not know him.
8. True love in Islam
What was the true love of Islam? Love
true in Islam is love
for God to complete
worship in marriage.
In Islam the only love in
marriages are allowed.
Thus the meaning of love and the meaning of love,
thank you