food beverages prohibited during menstruation menstruation
food beverages prohibited during menstruation menstruation

the menstrual period is the period where the womenfolk bother. The most frustrating period of time for the women.

There are some foods that should be avoided so that the body and keep you healthy. And also menstrual period smoothly.

Here are foods that should be avoided when the womenfolk that time period.

1. Caffeine
For women who love food products and beverages containing caffeine, preferably in jauhui while. Caffeine causes the body to rapid dehydration or fast deficiencies. Then you should drink plenty of water to prevent rapid fatigue and lack of fluids.

2. fried
for women cooking food fried is mandatory when relaxed. Namum this time you should avoid in order to avoid a bad thing. Because eating foods containing these oils can cause abdominal cramps. So avoid for a while.

3. Sugar
Sweet foods that contain high levels of sugar made sugar levels in the body quickly and easily make your ride quickly tired or lethargic or upset.
4. The food junkfood
These foods can cause weight gain. Besides these foods also contain harmful fats. Should be avoided while.

5. processed foods (instant)
Avoid instant foods such as instant noodles and canned food. Because it contains substances that interfere with the process menstuasi. So stay away first.

6. chocolate
because chocolate contains caffeine, too. Then it should be avoided.

7. grilled food
grilled food contains trans fat that should be avoided while.

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