food antioxidant beverage

antioxidant serves to remove the toxins in the body due to pollution, smog and others.

Besides antioxidants are also useful:
preventing cancer
Remove toxins in the body
healthy body weight
Stay young
Always healthy

Here is a food antioxidant beverage. Such as vegetables, fruits, and others.

Consider the fine.

1. vegetables
Vegetables are our daily food and easy to obtain. Almost every day we eat vegetables. If you do not like vegetables then
learn to eat vegetables.

Here are the types of vegetables that have the highest antioxidant content
a. broccoli
b. asparagus
c. tomato
d. cabbage
e. tuber
f. cauliflower
g. leek
h. parsley
i. spinach

earlier is a vegetable that has a lot of anti-oxidants. But still stout vegetables that contain antioxidants. Almost all vegetables contain antioxidants.

2. Fruits
These fruits have a lot of nutrients and vitamins. Besides being able to menjada endurance. Fruits also has antioxidants that can remove toxins.

Here are 10 pieces that have the highest antioxidant content
a. date
b. raisins
c. blueberry
d. strawberry
e. raspberry
f. plum
g. orange
h. red wine
i. cerry

besides fruit on top, all fruits contain antioxidants hard difficult so do not look for fruit. If the rambutan rambutan season could be antioxidants. Like mango, rambutan, durian, barked and others.

3. nuts
Nuts also memili high antioxidant content. Here are the nuts that have the highest antioxidant content
a. red beans
b. pecan
c. walnuts
d. almonds

4. seasoning
Seasoning is complementary materials or food always must be in the kitchen. Besides spice also contains anti-oxidants. Here are the ingredients that have a high content of anti-oxygen.
a. cinnamon
b. garlic
c. red onion
d. chili
e. ginger
f. turmeric
in addition to the above there are many ingredients that have antioxidant

5. grains
Grains also contain anti-oxidants are high. Here grains that contain high antioxidants
a. sunflower seed
b. wheat
6. fish
Fish are also high in antioxidants, in addition to containing high anti-oxidant fish also contain omega 3 which is essential for growth.

7. potato
Although not many people know. But potatoes are foods that have a high content of antioxidants.

Drinks that contain antioxidants:

1. Green tea
Green tea also has a high antioxidant, it is also good for health.

2. fruit juice
Fruit juice is a drink that is high in antioxidants, but it also has the nutrients and vitamins that the body is healthy and does not get sick.

3.kopi mongoose

4.white tea

5. herbs
Herbalism is a traditional medicinal drink besides herbal medicine also has antioxidants.

6. soymilk
Soy milk has numerous ingredients, including antioxidants

Lots of food besides the above which have high anti-oxidant.
A few articles "food antioxidant beverage". May be useful. And thank you.