Working in the creative industry is quite promising, but we are also required to have a high mobility. Laptop devices became "good friends" who always invited to wherever you go.

However, what to do if your favorite laptop begun to seem slow when used to work? Or even often die suddenly.

For a beginner, a decrease in performance of this laptop can be a confusing issue and not an easy matter to deal with. Therefore, quoted from C-Net, the following five causes of slow laptop performance and solutions.

1. Hard drive Weakens
The first thing you should do is determinate the type of hard drive used by your laptop. If it turns out still wearing the kind of conventional hard drives HDD (Hard Disk Drive), it is advisable to replace the hard drive to the type of SDD (Solid State Drive) that has the capability faster and more durable than HDD.

HDD does have a few weaknesses that could affect the performance the laptop such as the process of storing and reading data takes time and greater power. Plus HDD is vulnerable to shocks or jolts.

2. Data and Program Accumulates

More data and software are stored on a hard drive, it will increase the workload of the hard drive in search and read the data you need. This will make the laptop's performance becomes increasingly slow from day to day.

In addition to changing the type of hard drive, the solution to overcome this problem is to regularly tidied up and delete data (files). As well as removing the programs that are no longer in the laptop you use.

3. Too Much Multitasking

As a result of the slow laptop, it could be because we are 'do not know yourself' and do too much multitasking activity. Such as opening a browser with dozens of tabs or open multiple programs at the same weight.

Try it you open Task Manager and view the Processes tab. From there, you can see a list of running programs and takes a lot of RAM. The solution you need to be wise, alternately open the program only when needed.

4. Capacity RAM Thinning

Another factor is the performance of a laptop is also affected by the condition and capacity of RAM. RAM itself serves as a temporary data storage media.

The large amount of data that run multitasking while doing the activity, the effect of laptop heat generated during use, until the number of programs installed, the longer will make the work load increased RAM.

The most effective solution to improve the performance of the laptop is to replace or increase the capacity of RAM. Be sure to select RAM is definitely qualified and adjust it as needed. Ranging from 2GB, 4GB, 8GB, 16GB.

5. Automatic Update

If you are using Windows 10 and diligently update regularly. The operating system does offer a lot of great new features, improve security and performance of the laptop itself.

So, it is highly recommended to always install the latest updates. Unfortunately, the Windows update feature that runs in the background can also cause the performance of the laptop when it is needed to decrease and the batteries run out quickly.

The solution is simple, you can set the clock is running when Windows Update is running so as not to bother you during working hours. The trick, go to Settings> Windows Update.

That's 5 causes your laptop's performance declining and how to overcome them.