Everyone must have felt nervous, like it Motivator, Trainer, or even a professional presenter. But what distinguishes them in person for the first time appeared in public, they can overcome vervous, so it is not seen by the audience. Instead, the starters have not been able to control the flavor nervous, so visible and visible sense nervous surface. Someone who is nervous evident from the way he communicates less effective.

If nervous still one problem and often annoying when you will perform publicly, the following article may be a little help. Here below 6 powerful way to overcome nervous when appearing in public, let's look.

1. Preparation

When you appear in public, the first thing you should do is to prepare everything needed well. With good preparation, you will be more prepared and confident. Naturally so, you're ready to give the best performance.

2. Positive Thinking
If you want a good result, then Respond to every situation that you received with good response too. The point is this, a sense of nervous it was not the first situation, but the response from the state or condition you face. For example, you are not fully prepared to appear before the public, but the appearance is unlikely to be canceled, finally ready not ready you have to perform. In conditions like this you can choose what response would you give, if you gave a negative response, then the result will be negative. But otherwise, if you give a positive response, then the result will be positive.

3. Power Poses
When experiencing nervous, avoid posture lethargic, sluggish because it will further aggravate the situation. When nervous, advice that works well and is scientifically shown that a specific pose.

An Associated Professor at Harvard Business School in the field of social research named Amy Cuddy says that a person's posture when standing or sitting can affect feelings to herself. If you maintain your body pose specific about 2 minutes to the posture High Power Pose, this can reduce the level of nervousness or stress you are feeling and restore confidence. Why did it happen? Because High Power Porse can optimize a 20% increase in testosteren (Hormone Dominance) and a 25% reduction in cortisol (a stress hormone).

4. Set the Breath
When people are nervous, they are generally heart beating faster than usual and feelings became erratic. If these conditions are you feeling right now appears, try to relax by regulating your breathing. when the name you were called on the stage, do not immediately move the road, remain calm while regulating your breath and smile. If you've meras comfortable, please stand up and walk up on stage, remained quiet when running while regulating your breathing rhythm.

When already on the stage, do not immediately speak, but look for a moment the audience did not forget to give your best smile. Once they are ready, then you start talking. Make yourself so close to the audience, one way to say hello or ask about them. When they answered say greeting you and answer your greeting, set breath back slowly. Believe me, with often regulate the rhythm of the breath, this will make you more relaxed and make sense of nervous control.

5. Focus

When you're performing in front of the public, may be you will see some of the audience do not seem to pay attention to what you say. If that happens, just let them, do not focus on yourself against them, it is better to focus on yourself against people who are watching you. If you focus on the audience who do not care about you, you would think that the audience didn't like the way you look at it, if this continues, it will cause discomfort so that your focus is distracted.

Focus on the subjects being taught, focus on the purpose for which you appear. Thus, any disorder that appears not to disrupt your appearance.

6. Distribute Through Movement
When you stand in front of an audience, avoid standing tense, because this will actually make you more nervous. When presenting, use body language so nervous can be channeled through the motions. Examples such as the active use of hands while talking or often moved as she spoke.

So, what if you perform on the podium? If you perform on the podium, you can optimize the movement of your hands, do it well, then taste groggy be resolved.

7. Pray
This is the most important, pray before you appear to be all facilitated by the Almighty. Because all the conveniences whatever you received when she appeared in public was on his permission, then pray that all current processes performed smoothly without any obstruction means.