Who here could enjoy the beautiful times of the 90s? Besides met by these TV shows are interesting and unique, console games are present in that era also famous iconic. Certainly one of the most popular console that time was Playstation (PS1).

For recalling the good times of the Playstation, in the following article we want to present the themes were different. Instead of having to give a list of games phenomenal, mending we try to reminisce back with 10 games Playstation Worst all period following.

10 Game Playstation (PS 1) Worst of All Time

1. 360
So opener in our list this time, there is a game called 360 Three Sixty. Actually, this game has a famous name due to the form of the promo that exist everywhere.

Unfortunately the gameplay destroy everything. Already a lot of people who complain due to the gameplay of the 360 ​​chaotic and far from challenging.

2. Tunguska - Legend Of Faith
One the problems of minus ratings earned by games is due to the camera that is too wild. As we know that in addition to a smooth controls, good game must have camera control coherent and flexible. Unfortunately it is not owned by Tunguska Legend of Faith.

Finally, this game keeps getting insults caused by camera, puzzles, and combat action that effort.

3. South Park
Cartoon  in his TV indeed phenomenal and praise from many people. But the syndrome is frequently encountered are the games that followed. It seems to be a curse so when a game picked up the story on TV or cartoons.

South Park version of the game known for its gameplay strange, racist dialogue, and the way the story is too cheesy. Not surprisingly, this game appears on our list this time.

4. Hugo - Frog Fighter
Come Playstation 1 has its own benefits for three-dimensional games that will be worked out later. However, their negative impact is for games platform genre. One of them suffered by Hugo Frog Fighter is considered a bad gameplay.

This game raised figures like Hugo is well known in Sweden through its action on television. However, the name failed to be developed into an interesting and exciting game.

5. London Racer
What that comes to mind when you hear the game by the name of London Racer? Racing cars on the streets of London? It is true, but what makes this game get a minus value is the scenery and surroundings that are not even describe the City of London at all.

Traversing the city and highways that seem too general, we do not get the thrill of the City of London itself. Plus this game has exciting racing action that is not.

6. Mortal Kombat Special Forces
No expects too much of the game destroy big names from Mortal Kombat. Mortal Kombat Special Forces have gameplay that much different than the Mortal Kombat series Others are fighting 1 vs 1.

Mortal Kombat Special Forces requires players to adventure and follow certain stories provided. In addition to the effect that drab and mediocre, this game is also considered too deviated from the original form of the Mortal Kombat franchise. Unfortunately, the Mortal Kombat series with a model like this is maintained for the next generation consoles.

7. Barbie
Bad of the Mattel company in promoting its products is to inject as much as the market share of various types of pipes popular culture. Yes one of them to bring the game to the character of their toys. Through a variety of games with Barbie titles, it seems there is no success.

Gameplay roughing, mediocre graphics, coupled with a story that is not solid, relentless criticism of the players PS1.

8. Resident Evil: Gun Survivor
No! This game destroying big names of Resident Evil. Resident Evil: Gun Survivor had a real innovation may be admirable to take a first-person perspective in the game. However weird graphics, coupled with the movement of the rigid and not tactical makes this game just makes each player getting annoyed.

Enemies are coming nonstop, but we were only provided with the lack of bullet also adds to the frustration of the players. Awful.

9. Dragonheart
What happens if a game adaptation of the film with the score already beforehand ugly? Then the result will be the same. Game Dragonheart lifted from the 1996 movie of the same title. The results were similar to disappoint.

The imbalance between the enemy with our hero who controls make this game brings headaches for players.

10. 3D Bubsy
In most bloated sequence there is a game that many once hated by the people, especially those who had played a Playstation. The game is named Bubsy 3D and one of the reasons mentioned most often is due to a very bad graphics.

Previous names Bubsy been famous since he was present at the Sega Genesis. At PS1, funny character is embodied in the form of three-dimensional back. But thousand results were so disappointing. In addition to the ugly graphics, controls are also too simple and hard to follow.

Source: jalantikus.com