What was candid?

Candid is the time when you want to photograph, but pretend you do not see the camera. There is also not you realize if you will be in the photo.

Example: you play phone and your friend in the photo but your not look at the camera.

What's candid camera?

Candid camera is a technique

shooting using

camera on an object living unbeknownst

the object. The object did not realize that

photographer takes a picture.

What is the meaning of candid on instagram ?

The images with candid techniques are then uploaded on instagram. As often as possible is always there when you open your instagram.

What is the meaning of the word ootd?

Ootd stands outfit of the day means that the clothes you wear that day.

Sometimes people interpret ootd Indonesia is the carpenters grooming. So do not be one of understanding, understand the topics discussed.

What is the meaning of no caption?

Caption itself means a picture / brief description about something.

Example: I will upload pictures in sosmed ago I wrote the caption "I'm more happy to eat rice soy"

As the caption

No means no caption caption

Example: I've uploaded an image and there is no explanation, the name is no caption.

Sometimes after upload give words "no caption" means "no commant" "no comment"

What it latepost?

Late post means late post something on social media.

Examples of this picture last week. Then I upload or post next week. It's called latepost alias late posting.