chapter discussion

What is the cache?

What happens if the cache is cleared?

Whether the cache should be deleted?

What are the benefits cache?

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What is the cache?

Cache (English: 'cache') in information technology is a mechanism for high-speed secondary data storage that is used to store data / instructions are frequently accessed. (

So the cache can be regarded as temporary in an electronic memory.

Such as we watch youtube, now we watch to two times on the same video, then watch the second video speed faster. It can be said first video stored as cache. If the cache is deleted then the speed of the video seen earlier will slow down because the cache / storage is deleted.

Such as we also browse to a site such as, the first open standard speed on why a browser cache. Then open the next day to open a browser faster pace due to the cache.

However, if the cache is deleted speed open the site will be weakened.

What happens if the cache is cleared?

1. The memory capacity will be more, because the burden is reduced because of the cache memory

2. RAM into lightly, the performance of a electronik will be smooth.

3. Opening an application will be slightly longer.

4. If you open a site. Quotas will quickly run out (for the use of quotas)

5. The battery is more durable.

6. Addressing the application error.

7. The data an application will be lost, so must be careful cache will be deleted. Read the description first.

Whether the cache should be deleted?

No, if the memory in the phone more and work an electronic smoothly. Because a lot of benefits if the cache is stored.

Yes, if the performance of an electronic (phone, computer) is slow, the electronic performance becomes slow, frequent errors, memory full,

What are the benefits cache?

1. Accelerate running an application or open an application.

2. Speed ​​up browsing, watching youtube, play games offline and online.

3. Overcoming error on an application.

4. Save the quota. For those who wear quota

So understanding, benefits, impact, from a cache.