now sing. :)now sing. :)now that you have found the song you want.What application that displays lyrics on android? yes it is Musixmacth. This application will search for lyrics that we want. with the title and the sound of the song. so do not get confused and try this application.

Wiki = Musixmatch is the world's largest lyrics platform. where you can search, enjoy, and share lyrics from any track, anywhere in the world. It has 50 million users, 6 million lyrics and 30 employees.

So lets try this app

I'll give you a tutorial on how to find lyrics with sound. continue reading until the end.

tutorial how to search for song lyrics with the sound track
Example song (bruno mars - just the way you are)

First you must have an application musiXmatch. if you do not have, immediately download it or google play store.

secondly, open the app musiXmatch.

open the app musixmatch

third, swipe the screen from left to right angles.
You will find "identify words", then press it.

Process, wait

now that you have found the song you want.

now sing. :)
Its easy. So try and lets song.
And this app can translate to other language. You can karaoke with this app to.