learn to sing, everyone can sing as long learning. Music is one of the elements that make us disappear from the stress. and will make you healthier.

but have we ever liked music. everyone loves music. if you will-like music. Let's learn to sing with an application that will make you quickly can sing. The following android app so that you can sing fast.

1. Smule
everyone who likes to sing must know this application. keraoke application called Smule provides many songs included old songs. play store provides Smule app. You can download them in play store. you can sing with your idol by Smule. Jassie j and other examples. untuk.memaksimalkan use earphone sound quality you.

2. Vocal easy
This application is made by a professional vocalist and vocal coach of American origin that is Arnold McCuller. This application is available many kinds of exercises. This application also provides a vocal warm-up exercises. This application is suitable for men and women who want to learn to sing.

3. Vocal Coach, Singing Exercises
This application will be a singing teacher. This application is effective for improving the quality of your voice. This application also detects an error tone when you sing.

4. Tun me lite
This application provides pitch correction. it easy for you to learn to sing.

the above is android application which I recommend. so if you know of other applications or the other better. please comment below. thank you