What it lead?

Lead is a chemical element in the table
periodical that has the symbol Pb and number
82 atoms.

The characteristic features of lead

327.46 Melting point 0C
boiling point of 1740 0C
11:34 density gr / cm 3
The atomic weight of 207.20
Heat of fusion 4.77 kJ / mol
heat of vaporization 179.5 kJ / mol
the heat capacity 26 650 kJ / (mol.K)
magnetic properties of diamagnetic
resistivitaslistrik nΩ 208-m
thermal conductivity of 35.5 W / (m.K)
thermal expansion of 28.9 μm / (m.K)
Young modulus of 16 GPa
shear modulus 5.6 GPa
bulk modulus of 46 GPa
Brinell hardness 38.3 MPa

usefulness of lead

> Production of storage batteries for automobiles, in which the use of lead and metallic components
> For metal products such as ammunition, wire coatings, pipes and solder, chemicals, dyes, and others.
> As coloring paint
> As an ingredient in the manufacture of ceramic coatings