What it gabut?

Gabut stands for blind salary. Someone who has been given the facility but did not do what was instructed.

Usually gabut also means no mood.

That sense gabut today

What is the meaning coeg?

coeg means jeleg guy. Or also c o k, coarse language origin eastern Java.

what does swag?

Swag is an acronym for Style WIth A little bit Gangsta, which means that the style a little gangster.

But in Indonesia even deciphering Slow Woles Anti Galau

So it is rather complicated if the two meanings of the word

What is the meaning baper and melting?

Baper stands bring feelings mean someone who is always with feeling at the slightest thing.

Melting stands soar. This word is usually used when exposed to seduction.

What is the meaning hacep?

Hacep is the opposite of rupture that behind so hacep. Usually this word is used in a bustling and exciting atmosphere.

What does the word slang pensive?

Pensive is English of pensive, usually used as an emoticon.

What does the word mainstream?

Mainstream is the meaning of unfamiliar words or regular. Used as slang for boredom.

That is the meaning of slang words you are looking for this a long time.