What it friendzone

Words friendzone very popular among teenagers in love. It is very difficult to avoid because I suggest avoid before it's too late.

Friendzone is a zone of friendship. That is friendzone usually occurs when a person considers him more of a friend or lover. But he limited it considers you a friend.

Friendzone according apakah.xyz almost the same with php and considered a friend.

Friendzone often happens when we close the person is really the same. But he only considers as friends.

How do I get out of the zone friendzone or friendship?

1. Consider him as a friend

So try to move on consider him a friend as well. Of you hurt. Mending perkakukan him as a friend as well.

2. Find a new partner

This way you will focus on your new partner, so do not get caught up in the word friendship friendzone or zone. Instead of mending the hurt better toothache. Opps better find who receive you and consider you.

3. Stay away from him

Not decide friendship but just keep your distance in order not to love him.

4. Focus on the goal - fulfill your

So fulfill your dream to focus on is more important than mentingin people think you just as a friend only.

5. Take her marriage

This is the best way to get out of friendzone. Better than all means.

So so do not ever get stuck in friendzone because it was very painful.