What it endorse?

chapter discussion

What it endorse?

How do I get to endorse?

Who is the queen endorse?

Words to endorse

Often we hear the word endorse, but do not know, what is it?

What it endorse?

Endorse is an action where you that support (support) or you agree to anything.

In an account sosmed endorsed by almost the same with advertising. The owner of the account describes the advantages and benefits of the product. Similar to the ads instead?

Many artists or the owner of the account has many followers / followers Often to endorse a product to supplement Reviews their income.

How do I get to endorse?

There is a Necessary condition that must be fulfilled by the account owner who wants to endorse something.

That has a lot of followers. This requirement can not deny.

We can only endorse products. Our own products as well as friends and family Also owned.

Who is the queen endorse?

I can not say Because out there are many women who have a lot of followers, and they are Among the artists. So that's the queen endorse.

Words to endorse in instagram

Here's how

The key Observe artist artist who had endorsed something then record everything said

then imitate.

Said he usually

Hi, this time I am going to endorse something

This is very beneficial you

* Product name * bla bla bla bla bla bla reseller

* Benefits * bla bla bla

* Profit * bla bla bla

Come buy or message online at bla bla bla (this is important no product owner)

that only

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