What's somasi?

Somasi is a warning against the prospective defendant in legal proceedings.

What is the purpose somasi?

providing the opportunity for the prospective defendant to do something or to stop an action as plaintiff demands. This is effective way to resolve the dispute before the case brought to trial. Somasi can be done either individually or collectively by the attorney and the injured party (prospective plaintiff).

What articles of the law somasi?

The legal basis for the summons contained in Article 1238 of the Civil Code. Somasi has the goal of keeping the debtor remains outstanding. Somasi in other sources is a kind of warning that is based on the idea that the debtor is still going through a somasi at least be expected to want to ber achievement. Besides, it was a statement semcam negligent in general is required if one wants to claim damages or cancellation of the agreement.

What Forms Somasi it?

1. A warrant, is exploit bailiff, the exploit is delivered verbal orders the bailiff to the debtor. In other words, exploit is a copy of the warning letter.

2. Act like (soortgelijke deed), read the words of this kind deed is a deed
Authentic similar to exploit bailiff.

3. For the sake of his own engagement, engagement may occur if the parties to determine in advance when their negligence of the debtor in an agreement, for example, in agreement with the provisions of the time, its theoretical basis, an engagement negligent is not necessary, so the lapse of a time, then state of neglect that happens by itself.

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